Beach Camp Update

July 17, 2008

Man it has been an awesome time here at the beach! It has also been a wild ride for me concerning all things electronics. Last week, my outlook crashed on my desktop at home. Then on Tuesday when I was about to leave for this trip, my phone died. Then yesterday when I got up, my lap top died. Kind of frustrating, but good too. It has given me a chance to unplug and focust completely on God. One thing I have truly enjoyed is getting to know all the students we are ministering too.

Tuesday night I spoke about God. Last night I talked about salvation. The students at the camp are 6th & 7th graders and they are really paying attention to what I say. It has really been a great experience. I think I have needed this time away just as much as they have. I spent a lot of time just chilling with God. This has certainly improved my closeness with God. I love what Mark Batterson says which has definitely been true for me this week:  change of pace + change of place = change of perspective. We will be leaving on Friday. I just pray that God can use a couple of my sermons to really touch some more students. Great times in Orange Beach-I have truly enjoyed speaking to these students at this camp.


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