Our Vision

July 22, 2008

So after much work and much prayer, we finally have a vision statement that we own. I recently read through Making Vision Stick by Andy Stanley. Stanley also addresses this in his book Visioneering. He says a vision must address a problem. Nehemiah addressed a major problem by which a vision was birthed. Nehemiah 1 describes how the walls around Jerusalem were broken down. Up until this point, we just couldn’t get anything on paper that was short, sweet and us. When Andrew and I were in Alabama, we locked ourselves in our condo one morning and hammered it out (actually it came quite naturally).  The problem we see in our community and culture: people we encounter and dialogue with do not know who Jesus is. Regardless if they are churched, semi-churched, religious, or unchurched. They don’t really know Jesus. They may be able to spill out a few facts about him. Our vision: to present Christ in a way people can understand and be changed. Everything we do does and will center around presenting Christ in a clear, concise manner. This includes, worship, children’s church, small groups, messages, C4 student ministry, retreats & bible studies. We love it, we own. It feels good!


One Response to “Our Vision”

  1. svd2thabne said

    You said, “He (Andy Stanley) says a vision must address a problem. Nehemiah addressed a major problem by which a vision was birthed.”

    This is so great! The reason God used The Morgantown Project on Deputation is because we addressed a problem in Morgantown. Not only did we address a problem, we addressed a solution to the problem. We were(are) going to establish a New Testament Church that would preach the gospel, make disciples, Baptize converts, and teach people to observe the “main” commandments. Love God, Love People!

    Thanks for this post, it obviously hit a hot button with me! :)

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