Good Bye Josh “THEINTERN”

July 28, 2008

Yesterday was Josh’s last day with Life Point. He was our so called intern guinea pig. He did a great job. Andrew and I learned a lot & I hope Josh learned a lot too. Life Point is going to miss having him around. Josh was a tremendous help, especially on Sundays. All I had to do was ask him to do something and it got done. Thanks Josh for moving to PA for the summer. I know it was a huge sacrifice to move away from friends and family. You will definitely be missed.

Really looking forward to implementing an internship at Life Point. It was a good thing for us and we hope to help out some more young up and coming church planters and maybe even some future church planting wives. (They play a vital part in any church plant!)


One Response to “Good Bye Josh “THEINTERN””

  1. Nathan said

    I met THEINTERN last night at a revival I am preaching this week. I was impressed by him.
    My first position was as an intern. It was a time of invaluable experience. Kudos for seeing the worth!

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