Awesome Day

August 4, 2008

Today was a great day at Life Point. Here is a list of the highlights:

  1. Pastor Devin, our sending pastor, and his family visited with us today
  2. I interviewed him, which gave our people an opportunity to hear his heart 
  3. We had 16 first time guests-Pastor Devin/family and a family from upstate New York visiting at hotel
  4. That helped us reach our highest number to date since City Reach in June
  5. Great vibe and excitement today
  6. We have had a ton of returning guests who haven’t missed in weeks (real cool)
  7. Preached on acceptance, one of our core values today
  8. Love hanging out with Michael and Mandy (pastor Devin’s daughter & son-n-law from Inwood)
  9. Had a great small group
  10. Love church planting
  11. Talked to Stephen Keith who had 62 today and baptized 4 (awesome stuff Jersey Boy)

2 Responses to “Awesome Day”

  1. steve said

    Awesome my man! I luv this church plantin stuff! Hope to see u soon!

  2. great to hear about your guests becoming regulars. Keep it up fellas.

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