First Crash

August 7, 2008

Today marked another first for me. I had my first wreck on my bike, skinning my knee pretty bad. I did learn something: “I need to get different peddles for the race.” The current peddles I use are clip in, so when you want to put your foot down, unless you remember to unclip, you fall over. Well I was trying to jump up onto a sidewalk to get out of the way of a car today and well let’s just say, I CRASHED! It hurt bad. I will never again get upset with my kids when they fall and skin their knees on the side walk. It really hurts. Warning:  the picture below is pretty graphic & not suitable for people with weak stomachs (like my wife). 

Side Note: Taking the day off to hang out with my kids and wife and then going on a date with my wife tonight! SWEET!


3 Responses to “First Crash”

  1. dstory22 said

    Nice. I’ve never understood the purpose of clips. Is it really so difficult to keep your feet on the pedals that you need to strap them down?

  2. AJ said


    Great point! But I do know I will continue to use clips on my road bike because combined with a stiff-soled shoe, the clip shoe offers great energy savings. All the energy that your leg and foot bring to the pedal goes to the pedal. When I use to spin without clip shoes, my shoe wore out quickly and my shoe/foot would wrap around the pedal and get tired.

    I will not however clip in on a mountain bike! From time to time, you need to put your foot down.

  3. abainfrance said

    Ouch, been there.

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