The Big Race

August 18, 2008

I can’t believe its over. That is my first thoughts. The race began at 9:00, Saturday morning and finished at noon. Out of the total 50 points possible we got a total of 19. The winners in our division got 30. Not too bad. It was definitely like a big scavenger hunt. Because neither Jonathan nor I are very familiar with downtown Pittsburgh, most of the teams, especially the ones who finished at the top in our division, had an advantage. Not trying to make excuses, but I believe if it had been an all out sprint we could have smashed some more of the teams. I did have a blast. It was really cool competing in a race with Jonathan. He is a cool dude and is in very good shape. He was cruising on his bike! I had to bust it to keep up. We probably biked 16-17 miles and paddled 4 miles on the Monongahela River. I want to encourage all my readers to set a goal to run in a race. There is no reason any of us shouldn’t be able to physically run a race. We need to, our family needs us to and if your are a pastor, our congregation needs us to. On top of that, you get to meet new people and experience all kinds of new things.  *Jonathan, I had a blast. Thanks for taking the lead and showing me the ropes. We have to do it again soon!


3 Responses to “The Big Race”

  1. Stephen said

    I ll stick with the weights! GOOD JOB MY BROTHA. I think there was some discrimination on that book give a way. Oklahoma won huh? HMMMMMM

  2. Lisa Perrell said

    Great job! I’m really proud of you guys! Next year you can wear Starbucks bike shirts!

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