Not that bad

August 22, 2008

I am currently reading through Jeremiah in my daily reading. Man that dude had it hard. His followers (if you can call them that) hated him and his message. At one point they were ready to kill him. He continued to remain faithful to God and his message. Talk about remaining faithful to your calling. I definitely do not have it as bad as he did. People are usually nice to me about my message and I have never gotten threats on my life. I thank God for men like the prophet Jeremiah. He loved God, loved the message of God and completely trusted in God for all he had. Maybe I need to spend one day in Jeremiah’s shoes so I will appreciate God more!


2 Responses to “Not that bad”

  1. apothnesko said

    Aaron, you’re so right. We don’t know just how great we’ve got it. Imagine Jeremiah having time for blogging or cycling, enjoying leisure time and the friendly ministries we do.

    Thanks for reminding me of how blessed I am and to be faithful when things get difficult. And they surely will if we’re obedient!

  2. AJ said

    Kevin, you are so right! We do have it great. I thank God for his blessings on my life!

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