Blog hiatus and little get away

August 27, 2008

You may be wondering, “why the lack of posts?” Well, my family and I took a small vacation and I really enjoyed it. I did take my computer with me, and thought about blogging, but my laptop never left my bag. To be quite honest, it was really nice. I love it when I can unplug from the craziness of life. We traveled southeast to OHIOPYLE. They have beautiful streams, waterfalls, bike trails and rock formations which all converge on or near the Yough River. I can’t believe it took us two years to discover this place. My boys loved it. We took their bikes and road across some sweet bridges and a short time on the Allegheny Passage. We also had a beautiful cabin that gave us some much needed peace and quite. We have be in much need of a break from all things church planting. One thing I did learn, I would rather ride a half a mile with my two sons at a very slow pace than ride 15 miles by myself. Lily cracks me up as she tries with all her might to keep up with her brothers. I am also so glad I am married to Renee. She is my constant, my support, my # 1 fan. She rocks. Below are some pics from our trip. If you have a chance, I encourage you to get out doors and enjoy God’s creation with your family.

(Also due to my trip, I missed our fantasy league draft. The computer probably did a better job than I would have.)



3 Responses to “Blog hiatus and little get away”

  1. Andrew said

    This place looks beautiful. I am glad you got to get away. Allie and I will have to go soon.

  2. Stephanie Ridgell said

    Looks beautiful! Glad you got to enjoy some time away!

  3. jonathan said

    missed you at the draft. but way to get away. i would have to agree with your above statement about the computer doing the drafting for you.

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