Unplugged and Unwound

September 8, 2008

Got back Saturday afternoon after spending three and half days in the mountains of WV. I viewed some of God’s most beautiful creation and got to do it with some special guys. Thanks to Stephen, Russ, Nathan, Scott, Jason, Mike Yoho, Devin Ward and many others for an awesome weekend. Some of the activities I did were tent camping, bush whacking, bouldering, kayaking, swimming, running 1.8 miles back to the camp with Scotty Bobby, hiking/jogging up a mountain, sharing the word with good friends at 900 feet, singing, listening to some good preaching and praying. Really enjoyed this years Pastor’s retreat. Thanks Russ for all your planning and preparing. Thanks Stephen for just being you and making me laugh. Thanks Nathan for all your jokes and late night talks by the camp fire. Enjoyed getting to know you. Come back to PA/WV anytime. Thanks Scott for continuing to listen to me and give me great advice! Thanks Mike Yoho for running to the top of Seneca with Scott and I, kayaking with us and praying for us. Love how you show love to everyone. Pastor Devin, it was really good to see you too! Jason, sorry you got sick. Man I really felt you pain!

John Yoho & Jonathan Johnson-you guys have to come next year.

I had a great time, learned some valuable lessons by God speaking to my heart. Can’t wait to do it again next year!


4 Responses to “Unplugged and Unwound”

  1. Jason said

    Thanks for all the sympathy pains that you felt for me while I was sick at the Retreat. I appreciate you! Also, wanted you to know that you were heavy on my heart tonight. I was praying for all of you at Life Point!

  2. AJ said

    Thanks Jason, we have been going through some things and have really needed it. Thanks for praying!

  3. Yohoster said

    You can bet on me being there next year. I had a wedding or else I would have been there. Give me a shout.

  4. Loved every moment of it all! Will do it again!

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