Day in the Burgh

September 18, 2008

Spent five hours Wednesday morning hanging out in North Hills with my good friend Tommy Duke. Tommy is planting Iron City Church in Pittsburgh I love this guy. He is my number # 1 fan. I love the way he pours into my life. Here are some of the reasons I love talking to Tommy:

-He is a church planter and understands what I am doing

-He asks me the tough questions

-He believes in what we are doing at Life Point

-He always and I mean always gives me a fresh idea about what I can do

-He always let’s me know what I might need to do to make improvements at Life Point as its leader

-We always talk Scripture

-He always makes me laugh

-He is from Georgia (Go SEC)

I am sooooo glad God allowed us to cross paths about a year ago at a small luncheon where Mark Batterson was speaking. I love Mark, but God brought me there to meet Tommy.

At noon, I left North Hills and headed downtown to Oakland and met with Greg Voss, another good friend of mine. He is currently working with college students at Pitt. They have a sweet Coffee House in the heart of Oakland in the middle of the bars and run down row houses where all the college students live and party. It was awesome to spend some time just sharing life stories and talking more Scripture. When I got home around 4:00, my wife said, ” You look tired.” I said, “I am, I have been talking about God and ministry for 8 hours.” I thank God for great men who pour into my life. If you don’t have that, get some men who you can trust and who you can be honest and open with. Your ministry depends on it!


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