Thursday Update

October 2, 2008

My wife left yesterday for a MOPS Convention in Dallas. She will be gone until Sunday. Pretty excited that I get to spend four days with my kiddos. I was reading some Scripture a couple of days ago and came across Zechariah 4:6 It is not by force nor by strength but by my Spirit says the Lord of heavens armies. I don’t know about you, but I am at a place in leadership where I needed to hear that. I definitely need to be reminded that I can’t force it to happen and I definitely do not have enough strength. It is going to take the Spirit of God moving on the hearts and lives of people. Enter prayer! We have to beg God to move. Scott Bates reminded me on Monday that I need to fall on my face before God for the people in my church. Leaders we have to do that. Join me today falling down and praying for everyone in your church including those visitors and people who need Jesus. 


3 Responses to “Thursday Update”

  1. marlin freeman said

    Good morning Brother, I appreciate your comments on looking to God for His power. I am deeply involved in “rebuilding a Church” I can tell you Brother it is as hard as starting from scratch. I have done both. the Church that I am trying to “Rebuild” was started by none other than myself 25 years ago I am the only Pastor so its demise came on my watch. The problem that I see is that We stayed with the “old traditions” when we should have begun some change 10 years ago. I am so thankful for you Guys stepping out and going aganst “traditions” It has inspired me and others to do some things We might not have done. “We must not compromise the word of God” just do it a different way. Marlin Freeman

  2. AJ said

    Bro. Marlin,

    Thanks for sharing a part of your story. Also thank you for the encouragement. There are times when it is hard. Right now being one of those. It is so encouraging to know there are guys like yourself cheering me on.

    I also want to let you know you are doing a great work-I am glad to see you trying some new things. God has some great things planned for you. Stay on the wall!

  3. marlin freeman said

    Good morning Brother, as I re-read your post and my reply I discovered that I came up painfully short of what I intended to communicate. You are very valuable to Gods work where you are. and our “advasary the devil” is takeing note of what you are doing. you have the power of God on your work. but often while He is working in ways we dont understand right now, He knows what we are doing and our fusterations, but each of the tryals we go through, are much like some of our Seminary classes, much pain now but a great joy later. Hang in there, there is joy to come. Marlin Freeman.

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