Trip To NY

October 10, 2008

Wednesday night, my plan was to get up the next day and drive back to WAPA, but the guys talked me into going to NY for the night. We got on the train at Philly and rode into NY. It was really cool. I have never ridden a train, but there was much more room than on a plain & no crazy security checks. When we got to Penn Station, we came up to ground level at the Madison Square Garden. This was my first trip. John Yoho told us everything would be a lot bigger and it was. We then walked down about 8 blocks to Time Square. This was probably my favorite thing to see. It is the advertising capitol of the world. Everything is so bright and big. We then got on the subway and traveled to our hotel. The next day we rode the subway back into downtown and made our way to the New York Stock Exchange. Kind of crazy that we walked past it and all during these crazy economic times. We then went and saw Ground Zero. It is amazing to see the massive whole that is there. They are currently doing a bunch of construction and you cannot see much. Next we went over to the Hudson River and saw the Statue of Liberty. John Yoho and I then left and took a train back to Philly so I could get home. I had a blast. Major thanks to CR board guys for making me go. I needed to get away and enjoy some new sites. If you have never been to NY, you have to go. Make sure you take someone with you so you can share the experience together. 


One Response to “Trip To NY”

  1. Glad you guys had such an awesome time in the Big Apple… I miss yall!

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