Big 12 Conference

October 30, 2008

BCS Standings
 1. Texas 8-0
 2. Alabama 8-0
 3. Penn State 9-0
 4. Oklahoma 7-1
 5. USC 6-1
 6. Georgia 7-1
 7. Texas Tech 8-0
 8. Florida 6-1
 9. Oklahoma State 7-1
10. Utah 8-0
11. Boise State 7-0
12. Ohio State 7-2
13. TCU 8-1
14. Missouri 6-2
15. Florida State 6-1

So I still have some big twelve blood running through my veins. I want all my SEC friends to take a look at how many teams the Big 12 has in the top fifteen of the BCS Poll. Let me answer that FIVE! Which is the best conference in the nation? (I know this is going to be more contreversial than many debates we have over bilbical matters.) Big 12 sure does look good this year!


4 Responses to “Big 12 Conference”

  1. Racheal said

    No doubt that the Big 12 is doing well this year, my Fair-Weather-Brother-in-Law, but you still better watch out for the SEC.

  2. Derrick Shaw said

    Big 12…..they won’t last. he he he. SEC all the way.

  3. scott said

    Let’s just wait until the dust settles…I think the SEC has fared pretty well in the title game the past few years. The Southwestern…uh…I mean the Big 12 is having a good year.

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