DWYC & More

November 3, 2008

I have to give props to my wife for this sermon idea. Do What You Can . . . .  She came back from a MOPS convention a few weeks ago and shared something that touched her heart. I stole the idea and then personalized.  You can go here to hear another take on the great day we had at Life Point. Jonathan & Mandi -John Yoho & Company as well as my wife’s parents were all visiting with us Sunday. We also had 5 first time guests. Jonathan lead worship and did a great job-thanks Johnny J. It was a great service! Later that afternoon, we baptized two people. There is nothing that fires me up more than to see people GO DEEP! I am extremely proud of the two that were baptized. One of the guys is someone who I have been discipling for two years. He is finally getting it. Another is a young lady that has been coming to Life Point for six months and just needed to take the next step!

We had a great day at Life Point. I thank God for blessing us. The visitng groups were a huge encouragment to our church as well as me!


One Response to “DWYC & More”

  1. Andrew said

    That is awesome bro! Keep up the God work!

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