Great Meeting

November 8, 2008

Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the Arkansas State Meeting. Go ahead and drop your stones, let me explain why. Sometimes we take things for granted. Now that I live in PA I do not get to do the things very often that I am about to list:

listen to preaching, chat with friends, eat good southern food, recieve encouragement, talk to other church planters who are to dealing with things

Life is all about perspective. When I lived in Arkansas, I did so much of the things listed above that I forgot how good they can be. If you are reading this and you live in AR or TX, take a second look at what you have and thank God you are where you are right now. Don’t wish you were somewhere else, God just might answer your prayer. (Please don’t think that I wish I wasn’t where I am. I love doing what I am doing. Just thinking out loud. Simply an observation.) Thanks to everyone who made my time at the meeting fun and meaningful-Nathan Rogers, Ross McBroome, Brandon Thomas, Kelly Stringer, Jason & Stephanie Ridgell, Ben Hightower & Jeremy Flanagan. You guys ROCK!


One Response to “Great Meeting”

  1. Stephanie Ridgell said

    You ROCK too!!

    It was great to see you and have the opportunity to visit. Glad you enjoyed being here.


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