Sorry . . .

November 17, 2008

I would say I’m sorry for not blogging for ten days which may the longest time between post I have ever had, but simply put, haven’t had much to say or maybe better stated haven’t really wanted to say much.

Let me just pick up with last night . . .

My family and I traveled east to Inwood WV and had a blast. The love and support that our sending church continues to give really shows. Why? Because of their great pastor. I don’t say that so he will give me a raise. I mean it. Pastor Devin is one of THE best leaders I have ever met. He geniunely loves his staff, loves his church, loves his c.p.’s and it shows. I briefed the church concerning the recents ups and downs at Life Point and then spoke briefly on prayer. Probably more for me and Life Point-but I hope God used it. We closed the service with prayer-I thank God for Inwood-THEY ROCK.

I am going to make it my goal to blog more-especially now that I feel like I have something to say and basically feel like saying something again.



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