Go Big or Go Home

January 6, 2009

Who do we serve? Can God really do anything? Who do we think we are limiting God by thinking small? You owe it to yourself to read this post by Steven Furtick. In it he talks about thinking too small. I was reminded by a good friend of mine yesterday of something I use to say a lot playing basketball or golf, GO BIG or GO HOME. Whether in sports, dating, church planting, or student ministry, I think it applies. We try to limit God because we are either afraid or doubters. I give you the write, that’s you if your reading this, to challenge me or question me this coming year to if it appears that I am thinking too small. After all God gave all he had and thought big when it came to creation and the Savior of the World. Let me say it again, GO BIG OR GO HOME!


One Response to “Go Big or Go Home”

  1. Marlin Freeman said

    Great post my Brother, Keep it up, Your thoughts are an encouragement. Thank you. Marlin Freeman

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