January 19, 2009

Yesterday I preached about change you can make in your life. One of the things I shared with our church is the need to get a financial plan. I told our church I wanted everyone at Life Point to get on a budget. I think this is the key to getting people giving like God intended. I stole this concept from Dave Ramsey and I truly believe it. Pastors, that goes for us too. One of the reasons we can’t or don’t talk about budgets or money is because we can’t. We have no moral authority on the issue. According to some studies done, 7 out of 10 evangelical families are living pay check to pay check. I believe people genuinely want to give, but they can’t  because they are broke. As Americans, we are in debt up to our ears. It is time that we all got on a budget and stop spending money we don’t have, trying to impress people we don’t even know!  Pastors and church planters it’s got to start with us!


One Response to “Plan”

  1. Billy said

    Preach it my brother!

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