How Bout Those Steelers

February 2, 2009

Great time to live close to Pittsburgh and be engulfed by the Steelers Nation. I have definitely enjoyed watching the Steelers awesome run to the Superbowl. Pretty cool to watch them take the title as THE BEST football team in the nation. We attended our second annual super bowl party. There were some very high moments and very low moments. Great to see Ben & Ton (as Ben calls Santonio Holmes) pull it out in the end. If you missed the game, you missed an awesome back and forth fight, especially during the second half. Someone bought me a terrible towel and presented it to me last night. I guess that makes me an official Steelers Fan!


3 Responses to “How Bout Those Steelers”

  1. Jeff said

    One of the best Superbowls that I can remember….Congrats Steelers Fans.

  2. AJ said

    Thanks Jeff! That game was as exciting as the LSU/AR game I went to with you in L.R. Both games ended with a pass which was thrown at the end of the game at the back of the end zone! Great times!

  3. I think I am more excited about the Terrible Towel, than, the Super Bowl win! :)

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