Think About What You Say

April 2, 2009

Want to speak to all the preachers who read this blog (which is probably 85% or more). Did you know if you preach 30 minutes for a year you have about 26 hours out of 8,736 hours in one year that you’ll be preaching to your church? Guys we need to fervently seek God’s face before we step up to the mic. I am constantly reminded that what I say is very important and it needs to be more His words than mine. Do you ever preach in the flesh? Do you ever tell yourself, “I got this!” I most confess, I do. There are times when I have prayed very little before preaching. I have went through my hermeneutics, homiletics & exegesis and even a little Greek and Hebrew, but I haven’t even considered or asked, “Is this what God would want to say to the people who will show up at Life Point on Sunday?” Guys we have a very serious job. Let’s take it ask the Master what to say.


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