Busy Week

April 6, 2009

Man, what a week this has already started out to be. Had a great day yesterday @ Life Point. Three first time guests, and almost all of our regulars showed up. Jerry Smith AKA “The Video Guy” came to Washington on Saturday. He is creating an outreach video as well as a video for us to send to YOU. Give me a shout if you want one. The video should be finished by middle of next week. This will give you a first hand glimpse into my life and as well as Life Point. We did have a great crowd yesterday. God answered our prayers by bringing a bunch of people to Life Point. Starting today, we will shoot a couple of interviews for the video as well as our small groups, bible studies & coffee shop scene. This is also Easter week, so it is a little crazy. We are having an Easter Egg Hunt/Outreach on Saturday. And then Easter is on Sunday. Lot’s of prep work for Easter on top of all this video stuff. I really think this video is going to really help us. We have a lot of people who still nervous about who we are and haven’t visited Life Point, but I think if they could “see” us before they visit, then they might come. I have a busy week ahead of me, but a good busy! So thankful for Jerry and his wife. Pretty cool fact. We lived 8 miles apart from each other in Oklahoma and now God has brought us together in PA. God has a big sense of humor and loves for us to see His hand at work!


One Response to “Busy Week”

  1. THE Jason said

    send us a video. We can’t wait to be debt free and come visit every now and then.

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