Weekend Rewind

April 6, 2009

Guess this post should come before the one below, but oh well. Friday and Saturday got to hang out with some of my best friends in the ministry. Kyle Lewallen, Stpehen Keith, Jason Sheffstall, Russell Knight, Scott Bates, Devin Ward & Mike Yoho. These guys are all such an encouragement to me. Stonebridge worship team was at the MABA, way cool and I enjoyed some awesome worship. Then Kyle brought the word on Friday night from Genesis when God asked Abraham to sacrifice his only son and did a great job. Main point I took away from his message,  was from this post I wrote on Friday. Last week, God began speaking to my heart concerning only speaking what He wants to His people when I preach. Then on Friday night he hits me over the head with it again. Cool stuff. Saturday, Scott Bates, brought an awesome message from Malachi 3. God really screamed at me to not give up. Even when times get tough, God’s got my back and is keeping track of everything I do. Thanks Scott and Kyle for your honest interpretation of these texts. Love how God spoke to me through you guys. 

My wife and family went to the meeting and all had a great time. My wife actually said, “It wasn’t long enough.” She had a great time with Belinda, (Russ’s Wife), Kirssy, (Stephen’s Wife), Esther (Scott’s wife) & Kristy (Jason’s wife). Really love how all the church planter’s wives have a special bond. They share something only they can understand, what it is like to plant a church. They are all just as important as we, the c.p’s. are. 

This meeting was THE BEST associational meeting I have ever attended. God thanks for showing up. 


3 Responses to “Weekend Rewind”

  1. scott said

    It was a great meeting…it is a blessing to do ministry with the Mid Atlantic and our I-79 crew!

  2. AJ said

    Scott you are a huge encouragement to me! Love you dude!

  3. Jason said

    Great words, bro! I appreciate you, man!

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