April 13, 2009

What a day Easter turned out to be. Really felt like the forces of evil were working against me. BUUUTTTT “Greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world!” So here is what happened:

  • Woke at 3:30 a.m. ready to go
  • Studied & prayed
  • Jerry Smith left for Mo-town
  • Came back within 2 min. breaks locked up on his van
  • Took my one and only rental car to Mo-town
  • Standing on the side walk wondering how I was going to get to church
  • Got a ride, but thirty minutes later than usual, threw me off my game
  • Got media stuff entered
  • Bunch of people showed up
  • Media shut down right when we started our first song
  • Took me half of first song to get it up and running again
  • Failed to save it lost all songs and video clips
  • Worked it out
  • We just laughed at ourselves
  • Sermon rocked
  • People listened
  • Went to Mo-town had lunch with worship pastor
  • Stonebridge Auto Group picked up T-blazer & hauled it to WAPA
  • Ate Easter Dinner with family from Life Point
  • Ate Easter Desert with another family from Life Point
  • Talked to my daughter Lily -fam. traveling home from AR
  • Sat down and watched MASTERS-
  • Great day in spite of Satan-you lose-
  • Felt like I shared the gospel more clearly and precise today than ever before-lots of people who needed to be saved-maybe the Spirit of God will convict them and they will be saved

5 Responses to “4-12-09”

  1. Nathan said

    Ah! That’s REAL peace… when it’s all out of your hands and in God’s!

  2. AJ said

    Nathan, thanks for the words of encouragement-how are things in Cave City?

  3. Nathan said

    Probably good- ‘cept I’m in Fordyce! This is the OTHER Nathan

  4. AJ said

    My bad Nathan-thanks! How is Fordyce?

  5. Nathan said

    Great! Hope everything goes well with the tranny in your truck. That’s not a fun job!

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