What a work out . . .

April 27, 2009

Rode 12 miles on Saturday and it kicked my butt! Ran 3 miles today and can tell I haven’t ran in 2 weeks. Really glad that winter has passed, spring lasted a week and summer like temp. have reached PA. Ready to get in running and biking shape. Funny story about my ride on Sat. I was riding along on about my 4th mile when an older guy came up beside me. He was at least 30 years older than me. I thought to myself, this guy is not going to out do me. I can at least ride as long as he can. The fact that this was only my second ride of the season completely escaped my mind. By mile 10, I was hurting. After two massive hills, I thought I was going to lose my lunch. As I made my way home, I had to stop three times. I guess that guy showed me! Definitely got to get in bike shape. Glad summer has arrived.


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