Update on Life Point

May 6, 2009

Things are going well at our church! God has brought a ton of new people to check us out. We had 20 first time guests in March & April and 22 second time guests. Since moving into our new location, it seems we have been getting a few new guests. Our Wed. night prayer time is going well! God is answering many of our prayers and Life Pointers seem to love getting together and praying. Let me share an awesome story with you. When we had our first day in our new location, a young couple visited and have come came back a hand full of times. Renee and I had them over for dinner last week and she said, “I’ve met you before.” “Three years ago, I met you at the fair.” Rewind:  when we first moved to town in June of 2006, we had a booth at the local fair, and only met one person who was slightly interested in our church. Three years later, God brought her & her husband to Life Point through a couple who is part of Life Point. Awesome how God brought that about. He knew they would one day come to Life Point. Never forget to plant seeds! It works.


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