Saturday – Day Two

June 14, 2009

Day two was a good day, first meal @ W & J. The food rocks here. The cooks really do a great job. One of my favorite things is the brick oven pizza, cooked to order. Everything went well today. Had student orientation & team building.  I also spent some time at the Olin Arts Center trying to get everything worked out for Sunday morning, media, stage props & lighting. After dinner on Sat. there was a ministry track prayer time. I went in with car wash and some awesome people laid hands on me and prayed for me, my family & Life Point. Pretty great experience. One of the men praying for me was Tim Colclaser, a good friend who I haven’t seen in a long time from Antioch in L.R. Matt Miller arrived today and lead a worship concert on Saturday night. He did a great job. God brought me to my knees. This worship on Saturday really prepares me for Sunday. It happened last year. Just standing in the presence of God and worshipping Him is an AH HAH moment. Being able to feel his presence it indescribable. Praying that our Life Point service is good today. Also praying for a bunch of Life Pointers to show up. 2nd day was great. Greater things are yet to come!


One Response to “Saturday – Day Two”

  1. Wes Wilson said

    Just a quick note to say hi from San Diego (I am currently on a business trip) and seeing God everywhere. Just wanted to let you know that we have been, and continue to, lift up City Reach, all the people of Washington, and all the CityReachers before God’s throne daily. I know that He is doing awesome things. Be blessed and encouraged today brother.
    -Wes Wilson

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